K-pop For People Who Don’t Like K-pop: an Ishmael and Ahab Collaboration

I’ll come right out and say it: I’m a K-pop hipster. I was probably disillusioned with K-pop before your favourite even joined their agency. I’ve been here, off and on, for about 9 years now. In that time, I’ve seen K-pop go through a lot of changes, both musically and in terms of how the industry functions, seen hallyu’s ebbs and flows (HA HA GET IT SEE WHAT I DID THERE). I came in right when Big Bang was hitting their big break with “Lies” and I’ve been here ever since (though mostly on the periphery since about 2009). Even still, I’m still here and I still have a lot of love for Korean popular music. And it makes me a little sad when I hear people write off the entire genre and say they just don’t like it. Odds are, you just haven’t found an artist you like (she stubbornly proclaimed from atop her high horse, convinced she’s right).

With that in mind, I decided to make a mix and of course roped Ishmael in with me. I tried to pick a diverse mix of things, from the songs that got me into Korean pop in the first place to the stuff that piqued my interest in recent years and reminded me why I started loving K-pop in the first place. I want to include explanations for each song, but I don’t want to colour your perceptions. Give each song a listen (and I mean the whole way through). If you don’t like it, that’s fine; we both gave it the old college try. But if you find even one song and/or artist on here that you like, I’ll have done my job. You’ll also notice some surprise appearances from some familiar names on here.


Side A: Ahab

01. Alex – 깍지껴요 (feat. Gaeko from Dynamic Duo)
02. ANYBAND (BoA, Junsu from DBSK, Tablo from Epik High, Jin Bora) – Promise You
03. BEAST – Break Down
04. Big Bang – OH MY FRIEND
05. Big Bang – 마지막 인사
06. BoA – Milky Way
07. BoA – One Wings ~Embracing Each Other~
08. Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra
09. Busker Busker – 벚꽃 엔딩
10. DJ Clazzi – 우리 변한거잖아 (With 임슬옹 Of 2AM)
11. Clazziquai – Love Mode (feat. Tablo)
12. Clazziquai – Cry Out Loud
13. Daybreak – HOT FRESH
14. DBSK – Wrong Number
15. Epik High – Fly
16. Epik High – Still Life
17. Epik High – Umbrella (feat. Younha)
18. G.O.D. – 난 너에게
19. G-Dragon – She’s Gone
20. Girls’ Generation – Girls’ Generation
21. Girls’ Generation – Into the New World (Remix)
22. Glen Check – ’84
23. Jay Park – JOAH
24. Jay Park – So Good
25. Jinusean – Tonight (feat. Kim Ji Eun)
26. Jinusean – Good Time (feat. Wheesung)
27. Kim Hyun Jung – 떠난 너
28. Lena Park – 치카치카
29. Lexy – Touch Me
30. m-flo – I’M DA 1 (m-flo loves Wheesung)
31. m-flo – Love Me After 12AM (m-flo loves Alex)
32. Mighty Mouth – 나쁜놈(feat. Soya)
33. Rain – How to Avoid the Sun (Guitar Remix)
34. Roy Kim – 봄봄봄
35. Roy Kim – Love Love Love
36. SE7EN – Baby I Like You Like That
37. SE7EN – You’re My Everything
38. Seo Taiji – Moai
39. Seo Taiji – 소격동
40. SHINee – 사랑의 길
41. Taeyang – Make Love (feat. Kush)
42. Taeyang – Love You To Death
43. THE KOXX – 사랑춤
44. THE KOXX – 12:00
45. Ulala Session – 아름다운 밤
46. V6 – LET’S SING A SONG (feat. Shoo of S.E.S.) (Korean version)
47. VIXX – Say U Say Me
48. Wheesung – Insomnia
49. Wheesung – 안 되나요
50. Wheesung – 사랑은 맛있다
51. Wonder Girls – Saying I Love You
52. Wonder Girls – Tell Me (Rap Version)

Ishmael will have their side of the mix up next week when they stop slacking finish their actual classwork.

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